The Digestive Health Network is a group of independent GI practices
working together to lower costs, make practice management more efficient,
and develop business resources that help independent practices thrive.

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Our Members

The Digestive Health Network is comprised of 47 independent GI practices in 26 states. Our members work together to create resources and programs that are focused on challenges that are specific to independent gastroenterology practices.

This includes clinical operations, as well as many other administrative components of running an independent practice, such as data aggregation systems, real estate, insurance, and human resources.

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Our Mission

  • Strengthen independent gastroenterology so that independent practices can continue to provide a high-quality, cost-effective alternative to patient care provided in hospitals or by hospital owned systems.
  • Capitalize on physician and administrative expertise to develop and share clinical and office management best practices.
  • Leverage the collective size of practices within the network to create opportunities that would not be possible without the presence of the network.
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Contact Us

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